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About Us

We Digitize Legal Industry Using AI

eDox application is aimed to increase the efficiency of the legal professionals by digitizing documents and related processes which are largely done manually as of today. efiling is the new process in the judiciary which can be done with ease on eDox platform.

The law-firms save huge cost by reducing papers, space and enhancing the productivity of every associate. By going Digital it helps Law firms to go green therefore reducing their carbon footprint which will impact the environment positively.


Software Features

Digital filing system

Digital filing system which organizes all essential data that is collected, stored and preserved accurately on one single platform with high security measures, where no information is lost or misplaced.

Auto Indexing

Auto-Indexing with auto pagination greatly helps the lawyers in seamless e-filing of their cases while also assisting in the manual filing, making that process less cumbersome and saving 50% of the lawyers time.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with their clients, team members and other law firms in a secured manner. Exchange of voluminous data with clients, team members, other lawyers or any other relevant parties can be done in a secured manner over a single platform.

AI Powered Search

Intelligent search with tagging, annotations and comments allows quick referencing of the right content for research, hearings and meetings.

Reference Material

Organize all the reference material such as citations, orders and judgement

Intelligent Templates

Easily create documents with intelligent templates thereby significantly reducing mundane activities.